Why is nutrition so important?

September 22nd, 2010 § 0 comments

“Nutrition is the relationship of food to the health of the human body.” There is not a single problem during pregnancy that cannot, in some way, be improved or helped by better nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation for good health, and the “single most important physical factor in determining the outcome of pregnancy”. Studies have demonstrated the clear (and common-sense) link between good nutrition, and good outcomes. Of course, just because someone eats a good diet does not guarantee a good outcome for them—life is not that certain. However, this premise still makes sense—you cannot grow a truly healthy baby with inferior fuel. No amount of prenatal supplements or other supplements, can make up for a poor diet.  A “good diet” or “good nutrition” implies that all the essential nutrients the body needs (including water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes) are being supplied in sufficient quantities, and are being properly utilized, for the body to function optimally. God’s intent was for us to get all the nutrition we needed from food. Food supplies what our body needs, complete with the so-called “passive substances” that many supplements lack because they are seen as unimportant, not having the same noticeable effect on the body as the active substances. Research has, on the whole, neglected to study the passive substances, so we know very little about their possible role in balancing and supporting the active substances. Although we may not yet understand why, when God created plants, He put the passive substances there, so there is a reason for their presence. There are clear benefits to eating things as close to their created form as possible; all forms of processing cause the loss or destruction of nutrition and enzymes.

Resource: Holistic Midwifery by Anne Frye

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