I believe…

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Each new life is a precious gift from God.

Having a baby is a normal function of a healthy woman.

The entire process of childbearing, from conception to postpartum is perfectly and elegantly designed by God, and is inherently safe.

The vast majority of healthy women who take good care of themselves will be able to deliver vaginally.

Midwifery care and home birth are safe and wise choices for healthy women.

What do you believe about pregnancy and birth?


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I’m on an exercise streak right now. I love it! Walking is great, stretches are great. Right now, my favorite exercise program is from Katy Bowman of katysays.com. She is a bio mechanist, and she has some great stretches/strengthening exercises that strengthen the body, but especially benefit the pelvic floor (something very interesting and important to me as a midwife). Pelvic floor strength is important all the time, but is especially helpful during pregnancy and birth. A strong pelvic floor means you will avoid incontinence and organ prolapse—which none of us wish to experience! I’m linking to some of her best blog posts that feature different exercises or helpful information on strengthening the pelvic floor. Enjoy!

Five Simple Ways to Avoid Back Pain
Natural Pregnancy, Natural Birth
Mind Your Pelvis
What a Waist!
Knee Bone Connected to the PF Bone (Five exercises that gently help you prepare to squat- especially if you can’t squat without pain)
You Don’t Know Squat (For those of you who find it very tiring to squat)