About Brittany

Me with a dear friend's baby girl...I am a homebirth midwife serving the North Texas area. I find great joy in assisting mothers and families during the journey of pregnancy, labor, birth, and the newborn period. I delight in walking alongside mothers through the hard work of labor, encouraging them that “it will be worth it all”, and then seeing the delight and joy in their eyes as they see and hold their newborn for the first time.

My interest in midwifery started early, when my mother used midwives with each of her pregnancies with my younger siblings. For our family, midwifery and home birth are very natural extensions of how we live—we eat organic foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, get fresh air and exercise regularly, and use herbs and natural remedies. Each midwife took time to answer all my questions, and involve me and my other siblings in each visit. They helped us feel the baby, listen to the baby’s heart beat, and made it all a wonderful experience. When I was eleven, I started reading very basic midwifery books and birth stories, and decided to become a midwife when I was old enough. At eighteen, I began to seriously consider midwifery again, and did some further reading and studying, but it wasn’t until a dear friend of mine invited me to come to her two home births (attended by midwives), that I decided that midwifery was definitely what I wanted to do, and that it was the right time to pursue it.

I sought formal training through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training  Program, and an internship with the midwives at Family Birth Services in Grand Prairie, one of the longest free-standing birth centers in Texas. Because they serve a wide variety of clientele, there were many opportunities to be involved with various complications and situations. During my apprenticeship, I was able to work with over 10 different midwives, gleaning from the wider experience this provided. I had the privilege to attend over 125 births (at the birth center and in homes), and be the primary midwife under supervision at the birth of 28 babies during my nearly two-year internship. I also was able to work with a nurse midwife at a prenatal clinic for low-income women in inner-city Dallas.

I maintain current certification in adult and infant CPR and in NNR (neonatal resuscitation). I am a Licensed Midwife in Texas, and I am a member of the Association of Texas Midwives, and the North Texas Midwives Association.

I greatly enjoy many aspects of midwifery, especially building a relationship with each mother and family during pregnancy, providing support and encouragement during each labor and birth, and of course, catching babies! I love teaching mothers (especially first-time mothers) about pregnancy, the process of birth, and breast feeding, and answering all their questions. Serving mothers desiring a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is a special privilege; I love seeing the delight on their face when all their hard work is over, and they are holding their precious baby that they birthed. I praise God for the privilege to be part of such a special and intimate time in these mothers’ lives!

My future interests in midwifery include training other ladies to be midwives, and delivering babies in other states, or overseas for families who do not have access to a skilled midwifery provider in their community (especially missionary families). I would love to someday use my midwifery skills in combination with missions work.

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