An initial consultation is entirely free, with no obligation. The consultation is our opportunity to meet and us to discuss any questions you may have. (For my contact information, see the “Contact” page.)

The cost for using me as your midwife is:
$ 2700, paid in full by 36 weeks, with an additional $300 for a second midwife to assist me at your birth. (You are responsible to pay the assisting midwife at the birth). If you are a mother desiring a primary VBAC (first vaginal birth after cesarean), there is an additional $500 charge.

Once you decide to start care, I require a non-refundable deposit at your initial prenatal visit.
If you begin care before 28 weeks in your pregnancy, the deposit is $300.
If you begin care after 28 weeks in your pregnancy, the deposit is $400.
Some mothers discover the option of midwifery care only later in their pregnancy, or are moving from another area, or another state. If this is your case, and you have been getting regular prenatal care from another midwife or an obstetrician during your pregnancy, call me and we can discuss payment options.

This fee includes
Your midwife (me) being on-call for you by phone 24/7, especially after you are 37 weeks pregnant
Prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care in the comfort of your home
Routine OB Panel blood work at initial visit, and CBC at 28 and 36 weeks
Counseling regarding pregnancy, nutrition, and breastfeeding
Childbirth classes
Exercises recommendations for pregnancy and postpartum
Newborn Exam (after birth) and Newborn Screens at 2 days and again at 2 weeks
Filing of Birth Certificate and application for Social Security Card
Two-day and Two week postpartum visits
Final postpartum checkup and PAP at 6 weeks postpartum

This fee does not include
Personal items for the birth (towels, baby clothes, sheets, underpads, toiletries, etc.)
Certain birth supplies (plastic mattress cover, large underpads, bulb syringe, thermometer, and a few other basic things)
Sonograms (if one becomes necessary, they are available at a reasonable price)
Additional labwork that is not routine (additional antibody screens needed for Rh- mothers, GBS screen)
RhoGAM (for Rh- mothers)
Vitamin K for the newborn (if desired)
Doctor, Hospital, Ambulance or other fees, if the need for consultation or transport arises

You are responsible for filing any insurance claims yourself. I am happy to provide a receipt for you to present to your insurance company for reimbursement. Because midwifery care usually costs about a third or less than an uncomplicated hospital birth would cost, even families who pay for midwifery out-of-pocket (because they don’t have insurance, or their insurance won’t cover midwifery care) have found it an affordable option.

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