These resources are here for the benefit of mothers and families wanting to know more about health and nutrition, pregnancy and the childbearing cycle, and interventions or situations they may encounter on this journey.

Natural Family Planning (fertility awareness) This information is useful for couples trying to conceive, and for those who wish to avoid the need for an ultrasound to date their pregnancy.

Exercises for pelvic floor strength at

An optimal baby position (both head and body!) makes labor and birth so much easier on the mother. If the baby isn’t in an ideal position, there are things that can be done during pregnancy to encourage the baby to rotate to a better position. Midwives can sometimes fix a baby’s position in labor if it is not optimal, but it can still often result in a longer labor (especially for first-time mothers) and more discomfort for the mother. is a wonderful resource for mothers to know and optimize their baby’s position during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

“Belly Mapping” (also available at Mothers can benefit from reading this between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, and then develop a familiarity with their baby’s position starting between 32-36 weeks and on. Many mothers greatly enjoy being able to determine their baby’s position.

Ultrasound during pregnancy:

Epidurals and pain medication during labor. Why not?

Clothing and accessories:


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